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HongKong Post Tracking

Hongkong Post has a long history of postal services. The first General Post Office was established in November 1841. According to the early plans retained by the Land Bureau, this small post office building is located on a hillside above St. John’s Cathedral. On New Year's Day in 1846, the post office moved to a magnificent new building near the Bide Pier on the corner of Queen's Road and Bide Street. This is the second post office building.

The Hongkong Post Inquiry Service Center can check international postal parcels, international EMS parcels, and international postal parcels sent from Hong Kong. The parcel number issued by Hongkong Post Express ends with HK, for example EL123456789HK.
If it is sent to a package from another region, it ends with the local country (region) code. For example, the package sent by USPS ends with US, CN stands for China Post, GB stands for the United Kingdom, DE stands for Germany, and FR stands for France.

If the first letter of the tracking number is E, it is an EMS package. If it is R, it is a registered package.

At the same time, you can also check the parcels sent to Hong Kong from other countries and regions.